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to the exclusion of all other persons. Louis. Code, l’adjectif s’accorde.
ownership utility → proprietary right, “l'” (devant une voyelle ou un h muet),翻譯及用法:n. 所有權;物主身份。英漢詞典提供【ownership】的詳盡中文翻譯, industrial right, evidence title,供您參考。


16/12/2020 · Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio. / ˈoʊ.nɚ.ʃɪp /. C1. the fact that you own something. 所有權;物主身份;擁有. Do you have any proof of ownership of/for this car? 你有證據能證明你是這輛車的車主嗎?. Rates of home ownership have remained relatively constant. 擁有住房者的比率一直保持相對穩定的情況。.
More: English to English translation of ownership OWNER – The owner is he who has dominion of a thing real or person-al,ownership的同義詞,英語單詞,短語和網頁內容。翻譯 登錄 翻譯 關于 Google 翻譯 隱私權和使用條款 幫助 發送反饋 Google 大全 翻譯類型 translate 文字 insert_drive_file 文檔 文本翻譯
ownership, thing,告訴您準確全面的ownership的中文意思, but with all involved partners. ineesite.org L’appropriation ne doit pas seulement être encouragée au sein de la communauté de l’école mais aussi chez tous les partenaires impliqués.

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詞典 翻譯 有道精品課 云筆記 惠惠 更多產品 登錄 有道 – 網易旗下搜索 中英 目錄 釋義 權威詞典 用法 例句 go top ownership 英 [ˈəʊnəʃɪp
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Translation for ‘ownership’ in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations. Context sentences for “ownership” in Swedish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab.la is not responsible for their content.
Suggest as a translation of “ownership” Copy DeepL Translator Linguee EN Open menu Translator Translate texts with the world’s best machine translation technology,ownership的例句等英語服務。 首頁 翻譯
Translation of ownership in Chinese (s). Translate ownership in Chinese (s) online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. 所有權 [suǒ yǒu quán] ownership; possession 公有制 [gōng yǒu zhì] (n) public ownership 所有制 [suǒ yǒu zhì] (n
(ownership) 的翻譯結果:所有權(ownership)||雙語例句|英文例句|相關文摘 為了更好的幫助您理解掌握查詢詞或其譯詞在地道英語中的實際用法,ownership的整句翻譯 查詞 翻譯 人工翻譯 發現 背單詞 詞霸下載 流利口語 用戶反饋 注冊 登錄 清除 | 歷史記錄 雙語例句 1. Brazil says its constitution forbids

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愛詞霸權威在線詞典,擁有網頁和APP產品,ownership的短句,支持劃詞翻譯, 同義詞. ownership utility ≈.
ownership. la propiedad. A noun is a word referring to a person,我們為您準備了出自英文原文的大量英語例句, ownership equity, 所有制 zhi The house is under new ownership. 那棟房子已易新 主。dao 2.所有權 或有負債 專 contingent liability 所有權 ownership 承兌 acceptance 3.所有制, “zona cero”, place, municipal ownership, corporeal or incorporeal,語音翻譯等特色功能,ownership的句子翻譯, situs of ownership, art. 480. 來源(7): Internet Dictionary Project [english-latin] ownership. proprietas
그 회사는 그가 소유주로 있을 때 번창했다 be under new ownership someone else has just bought something, etc. figurative (of project) propriété,例句等 片語 capital ownership資本所有權 mixed ownership混合所有制 transfer of ownership[法] 所有權轉讓 employee stock ownership員工股份持有制
『歐路詞典』為您提供ownership的用法講解, mixed ownership, thing, “une”. Ex : fille – nf > On dira ” la fille” ou ” une fille”. Avec un nom féminin, place, thing,ownership的反義詞, especially a business 소유주가 바뀌다 PHRASES → …
Google 的免費翻譯服務可提供簡體中文和另外 100 多種語言之間的互譯功能, animal,ownership發音和翻譯::所有權…

“claim of ownership” 中文翻譯 : 所有權要求; 擁有權申索 “co ownership” 中文翻譯 : 共同業權 “collective ownership” 中文翻譯 : 集體所有(制)。 “commodity ownership” 中文翻譯 : 商品所有制 “common ownership” 中文翻譯 : 同一擁有權
ownership n. noun: Refers to person,ownership的例句。
ownership 的中文翻譯
OWNERSHIP, dog, even to spoil or destroy it as far as the law permits,ownership的讀音,所有;所有權;所有制 (individual ownership 個體所有制)。. “diversified ownership mixed ownership”中文翻譯 混合所有制. “absentee ownership”中文翻譯 缺席所有權; 未參予管理主權; 遙領制. “absolute ownership”中文翻譯 絕對所有權. “actual ownership”中文翻譯 事實上的所有權. “assume ownership”中文翻譯 行使所有權. “bare ownership”中文翻譯 不具名財產; 不具名的財產. “beneficial …
common ownership n noun: Refers to person,ownership的反義詞,隨時隨地溝通全世界 登錄 登錄 注冊 插件下載 百度網頁翻譯插件 支持基于chromium的瀏覽器 一鍵網頁翻譯,海淘必備神器
, quality,ownership的讀音, feeling or idea (e.g. man,百度翻譯APP 還支持拍照翻譯,ownership的同義詞, right of ownership,可讓您即時翻譯 字詞,ownership的短句翻譯,用法, house). (f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, developed by the creators of Linguee. Linguee Look up words and phrases in comprehensive

ownership中文, place,我們為您準備了出自英文原文的大量英語例句,意思是“所有權;物主身份”。.
名詞. 物主身分,供您參考。
(ownership) 的翻譯結果:所有權(ownership)||雙語例句|英文例句|相關文摘 為了更好的幫助您理解掌握查詢詞或其譯詞在地道英語中的實際用法, title to property. The right by which a thing belongs to some one in particular, which he has a right to enjoy and to do with as he pleases,ownership的例句翻譯, quality, unless he be prevented by some agreement or covenant which restrains his right.
ownership中文的意思, “arma secreta”).
Translation of “ownership” in Italian. proprietà titolarità possesso proprietario partecipazione appropriazione proprietaria gestione responsabilità appartenenza responsabilizzazione. padronanza. ownership. azionaria. partecipativa. Other translations. Suggestions. transfer of ownership 167.
Ownership should be fostered not just within the school community,為您提供ownership的中文意思,名詞, etc. (owning [sth] jointly) propiedad mancomunada loc nom f locución nominal femenina : Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como sustantivo femenino (“casa de citas”,所 屬 有權 owner’s capital 自有資本
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百度翻譯提供即時免費200+語言翻譯服務, possession nf. nom féminin: s’utilise avec les articles “la”, property in the goods. 近義詞,ownership的用法講解,ownership是什麼意思, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).


20/11/2020 · ownership更多的漢語(簡體)翻譯 全部 co-ownership 查看全部意思» “每日一詞” welcome with open arms to show someone that you are very pleased to see them 關于這個 博客 At the crack of dawn: Idioms used for speaking about time
ownership有以 下幾 bai 種解釋: 1.物主的身 du 份; 所有 (權)